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House M.D. was one of the best doctor tv shows. This medical drama told us about Dr. House and his team. House series had a lot of fans and they miss House cast. Do you know anything about House actors or what happened to them? This video House Where Are They Now will tell everything about them!

Robert Sean Leonard, who played the all-beloved Dr. James Wilson is mostly working on stage, but he has warm memories about the Wilson and House chemistry on set!

Lisa Edelstein, Dr. Lisa Cuddy in the series, also admits that the show was important for her. Cuddy and House were close on set, but are they friends in real life?

Jesse Spencer, aka Dr. Robert Chase, is still popular among TV fans.

Olivia Wilde was important in the series. But did you know that Thirteen’s real name was Dr. Remy Hadley? Watch the video to learn even more about the actress who portrayed her!

Omar Epps, whom we remember as Dr. Eric Foreman, misses fighting with House on set, and we do too!

Jennifer Morrison, who played Dr. Allison Cameron, had quite a few roles in TV shows and movies after House.

Peter Jacobson, aka Dr. Chris Taub, is also keeping himself busy.

Hugh Laurie, the man behind unforgettable Dr. Gregory House, became popular in the USA after the show. What is he doing now? Learn in our video!

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