TV Reality Show – I Am Multiverse – Public Release announced the first episode of the TV Reality Show ¨ I Am Multiverse ¨ released on PivoTV for the general public reaching second screen and OTT viewers worldwide. The streaming giant FilmONtv first unveiled the new season earlier this year within the USA, providing a first glimpse of the competition leading to the finale.

miss multiverse season 3


About the Show ¨ I Am Multiverse ¨

Some of the hottest models participate in the first ever elimination style beauty pageant seeking to find who among them is the most Multiverse. 30 outstanding women from around the world arrive to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, a Luxurious Tropical Resort where the models are expecting a regular pageant with beauty, dresses, relaxation, fun and games under the sun; only to find out, that this is an extreme competition not based on looks, where they conquer each-other in daily challenges and the losers ¨are eliminated one-by-one¨.

The contestants are put to the test with a mix of planned chaos, psychological mind games, interviews, hidden agendas and challenges cleverly designed to generate spontaneous TV reality, drama, confusion, emotions and to bring in-and-out of focus the contestant’s genuine personalities as the stories unfold.


Episode 1 ¨ I Am Multiverse ¨

On this first episode, (Titled – Don’t Be Late) the drama unfolds around Miss Dominican Republic, whom arrived late to the competition breaking one of the first rules of the game ¨Don’t Be Late¨. She explains that she had family problems, but her Roommate Miss Vietnam and Miss Haiti, criticized that this is her country and there is no excuse to be late considering that everyone else flew from abroad.

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Miss Haiti then provides a skeptic recollection of the late arrival implying that Miss Dominican Republic is lying. The tension then shifts to the bikini photo-shoot where some of the contestants seek extra attention from fashion photographer Nancy Schoenmakers to stand out in front of the camera, displaying first signs of jealousy and rivalry, especially Miss Italy. CEO Liinda Grandia and Catwalk Coach Mariana Verkerk begin to realize that ¨Miss Italy¨ will be a hand full as she begins imposing her opinion on the organization.

I Am Multiverse Season 3 - Miss Multiverse

I Am Multiverse – Season 3 – (Contestants posing with #This is Hard Rock PC)


Episode 2 ¨ I Am Multiverse ¨

Sneak peek at Episode 2 (Titled – Blue Monster in the water) The race is on!! from pushing rivals in to the water, to being catapulted flying high in to the air. Miss Dominican Republic steps up her game with Miss Italy as her rival. Who wins? – Miss America vs Miss Australia rival each other in the Karaoke challenge, can they entertain? who wins? Who in the group made a fool out of herself? Was it Miss Vietnam, Miss Cameroon? Miss Sweden or Miss Israel? Who in the group gets eliminated? Either way, it’s getting very hot in this tropical paradise as we find out who is ¨in-or-out¨ of the race.

Although, frustrating, fans will have to wait 2 weeks longer to find out. Executive Producer Liinda Grandia, announced that each of the six episodes will be released on a bi-weekly basis to generate momentum leading to the upcoming competition November 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana where the next season will be filmed.



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