Strict Rules Meghan Markle Refuses To Follow To Lose Weight After Birth

Meghan Markle Is Not Handling Her Post Pregnancy Weight Loss The Same Way Kate Middleton Did.
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It’s natural for women’s bodies to change with pregnancy, but when you are in the public eye, there can be a pressure for new mums to bounce back into shape after giving birth. On the other hand, there’s also the worry of being scrutinized for getting back into shape too quickly. Well, with Meghan Markle recently giving birth to her first child, the world has been waiting to hear about her post pregnancy plans and her decisions have left many surprised.

Meghan’s post pregnancy workout and diet plans have been a hot topic, so we’ve delved a little deeper to find out what those plans actually are. Stay tuned until the end of this video, because we have a feeling you’ll be left surprised.

So much has changed in Meghan’s life since her relationship with Prince Harry became public. With their engagement, marriage and, now, motherhood, being the centre of public attention. The pair shared their first glimpse of their son, Archie Harrison, just days days after he was born and it was clear to see, they couldn’t keep their eyes off him.

There have been many moments in Harry and Meghans relationship that seem to have deviated from the royal norm. So it doesn’t surprise us to hear that Meghan is doing things differently in regards to her post pregnancy health decision.

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