20 Actors Who Enjoyed Kissing Their Co-Stars A Little Too Much

Celebrities Who Loved Kissing Their On Screen Co-Stars More Than They Probably Should Have.
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When the director of a film yells “Action!” these actors get right into character. But what happens when that character has to kiss another character? Let’s face it, some of us dream of smooching our favorite movie stars from time to time. If they made the movie right, that’s exactly how you should feel! But what’s it like for the actors in the scenes?

Sometimes these kisses are explosive, romantic, and we can even tell the actors are having fun with it. In other cases, however, sometimes it’s so awkward and cringe-y you have to look away. But we wanted to hear from these Hollywood celebs themselves. I mean, Zendaya got to kiss Zac Efron, but then again, Zac Efron got to kiss Zendaya back! Did Emma Watson even enjoy that intense kissing scene with Daniel Radcliffe? How about Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard, there’s another attractive duo that got to smooch for their Tarzan film. Furthermore, what’s it like for the co-stars who ended up dating, and then also broke up but had to keep kissing for the cameras? Keep watching, because we’re breaking down the 20 actors who enjoyed kissing their costars… a little too much.

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