Reality TV docu-series reveals what it means to be a Power Woman

The production company behind “I Am Multiverse” and other reality programs will debut a new reality TV docu-series featuring women from around the world in pursue of uncovering what it means to be a ¨Power Woman¨.

In this eccentric blend of fact and drama the program seeks to find ¨the common denominator¨ – what is it, that all these women have in common that makes them a Power Woman in today’s society and how this view changes in different cultures around the world, said Liinda Grandia, CEO of Miss Power Woman and lead character of the show.

2 Liinda CEO of Miss Power Woman

Liinda CEO of Miss Power Woman

Among those featured is Megan, whom appears to be an unconventional outspoken and colorful personality. Megan is misunderstood as result of her personality traits, she is criticized and judged by others throughout the show, but her personality was not always like this, she tells us; in fact, during her youth she never wanted to stand out and appeared to others as the quiet one during her teenage years. Megan finally found the freedom by simply being herself, this makes her a Power Woman in her own eyes, she tells us. Megan has become and advocates for young teenagers, to let them know they should always seek to be who they truly are no matter if others do not approve, ¨they owe it to themselves¨ to be authentic.

For the show, cameras followed a group of young adult women of different cultures from around world engaged in challenges and adventures, on a tropical island in pursue of winning the title of Miss Power Woman a competition that takes place at the Catalonia Resort – Punta Cana. Unlike traditional pageant TV shows, “Power Women” appears to blur the lines between reality TV and pageantry as the contestants focus inwardly through critical reflection and questioning of their own behavior, navigating their emotions, forming new relationships and managing situations as they unfold. Trough this process we discover that being Power Woman is an internal flame that is ageless, it does not belong to a specific culture, language, religion, height, skin color or social status.

Another distinctive personality is Mari, from Armenia, whom owns two companies and knows what it means to be the rock in her family. In her view, what makes her a power woman is to remain a kind person with strong focus on community work by helping others by joining and extending her social network where she transfers her positive energy to others, which inevitably impacts their feelings of happiness. If others around you are happy, then you will also be happy, Mari tells us.

For Elvira, a mother of two and lawyer from Spain, her view of what makes her a Power Woman is her personality and ability to follow her dreams while being a professional and also a mother. We’re often scared to follow our professional dreams as mothers, aren’t we? … That being a mother is somehow at odds with being a professional success. … we can’t be ambitious, career-loving mothers achieving in both areas of our lives, without someone missing out, that someone being our kids, or us.

Melika who is an immigrant from Iran, living in South Africa, tells how during her early life in Iran she was always told what to do, what to wear and felt unable to make her own decisions maybe because of her cultural believes at the time. Melika found her way to migrate to a different country and follow her own dreams which lead to the Miss Power Woman competition where she advocates women freedom to explore the world and to determine the shape of their own lives.

Hatago is a young woman from Namibia, whom captures our attention as she is the 4ft11petit woman competing among a group of women that are mostly tall; but in her view, it is her petite height, blended with her affectionate and extrovert outspoken personality that makes her a power woman.

Jamile, is a Brazilian Scholar, University Teacher and mother living in The United Kingdom, her overall family, mental and physical health balance, combined with her ability to follow her dreams and teach others is what makes her a Power Woman.

“We are proud to be airing this important and extraordinary series and hope it will inspire meaningful conversations about people with differences that share common traits, hopes and aspirations around the world,” said Liinda Grandia, CEO of Multiverse Ventures. “‘Power Woman’ is a show with true personal stories, honesty, curiosity, humor and heart that celebrates and embraces diversity.” Liinda Grandia crafts the intellectual tests, challenges, adventures but also manages the contestants, her event team and receives feedback from the hidden judges.

The series was produced by Multiverse Ventures Productions whose other credits include “I Am Multiverse,” and “Project Megaverse – She does it her way” starring Liinda Grandia, Mariana Verkerk and members of the Multiverse family. Mariana Verkerk (The Catwalk Queen) whom has developed the reputation and nickname ¨La Generala¨ the General choreographs the live shows where contestants soon realize it is not a walk in the park, la Generala demands military precision schedules and responsibility.

This reality TV docu-series reveals the essence and greatness of a Power Woman as malleable and ever-changing manifesting in different ways in accordance with the stages of a woman’s live and in direct connection to their lives experiences.

Follow their stories, the show, adventures and sign-up as a contestant for the next season at:

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