German TV Show Personality & Model Maren Tschinkel in the race to become the Most Amazing Woman On Earth.

German Model Maren Tschinkel, started her career as a television personality in the show Kika Live, and became a fashion model after participating in Miss Earth. She is now traveling the world represented by several modeling agencies and in 2019 won the title of Miss Multiverse Germany.

Maren Tschinkel Miss Multiverse Germany
Maren Tschinkel Miss Multiverse Germany

She will be featured in the new season (7) of the TV reality Miss Multiverse Representing Germany. The show seeks to find The Most Amazing Woman on Earth. Beauty, of course, plays a part in the competition, but winning will take Substance, Drive and Achievement Beyond Beauty.

30 women, from 30 different countries will compete for the title of Miss Multiverse: The Most Amazing Woman on Earth. They will compete In head-to-head challenges that test their physical , mental and social skills at a level never seen on television.

This is an epic adventure of self-discovery and personal growth that will test them beyond their limits. The ‘Last Woman Standing’ competition pushes them to dig deeper than they ever have. This endurance challenge literally does NOT end until the last woman is standing.

Will Maren have what it takes to become Miss Multiverse?

Top German beauty queens such as Sophia Koch, have furthered their career with TV and modeling but Marens goal is to first graduate and become a businesswoman and fashion designer like German model Heidi Klum but more in the line of swim wear. As a fashion model she is featured in Best Bikini Models Magazine.

Maren got scouted by several Model agencies after winning the TV show Kika Live in 2015. She is now represented by agencies that keep her traveling around the world working for magazines and brands, such as Moschino.

“Education is on the first priority for me. I will definitely finish my university“ said Maren.

While traveling as a fashion model, Maren also studies economics in a University of Germany. I am very disciplined with managing my fitness routine, work schedule and studies while modeling abroad. Said Maren. Wherever I travel, I always go to the gym daily and make time to work on my university projects.

Intellectual challenges-Miss Multiverse
Intellectual challenges-Miss Multiverse

Intellect and discipline plays an important part of the competition. Besides the IQ evaluation, contestants are also put to the test with a mix of planned chaos, psychological mind games, interviews, hidden agendas cleverly designed to generate spontaneous TV reality, drama, confusion, emotions and to bring in-and-out of focus the contestant’s genuine personalities as the stories unfold.

Maren Tschinkel Miss Multiverse Germany
Maren Tschinkel Miss Multiverse Germany

Maren Tschinkel loves the all natural look and to stay in shape, Maren does Sport that require mental and physical activities to keep her mind sharp while providing a natural body tone. Maren, takes fitness and healthy living very seriously as one of the main key point of her modeling career. This has been the strategy of successful models such as Victoria Secret Angels Romee Strijd and Taylor Hill. To make fitness an effortless part of her lifestyle routine and schedule, Maren gives gym-classes in a fitness studio and feels that teaching fitness and healthy living is her way to Empower others.

Giving gym classes is her passion besides modeling. She received her trainer license after High school and started giving gym classes in university. Her classes are high intense full-body workouts. Her strategy of combining her passion for fitness with her lifestyle routine is a practice that has become very popular in this era of social media and blogging; for example German fitness blogger Pamela Reif. But Marens fitness program are more of a mental and physical workout combined because it takes allot of will power and mental determination to keep up with her intense programs. But the final rewards are gratifying.

Will Maren Tschinkel have what it takes to be The Last Woman Standing? This competition literally lasts until the last woman taps out during an intense military style boot-camp for women that is claimed to be the hardest ever seen in beauty competitions.

The upcoming competition will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. November 28, 2019. To become the winner of Miss Multiverse contestants almost have to reach super woman hero level. Contestants have to be Super Fit, and not only a Super Smart Woman but also very clever. Miss Multiverse Women are like the living version of Marvel Studios Hollywood female Super Heroes.

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