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RealityTVprograms.com Miss Multiverse released Season 4 of the TV Reality Show I Am Multiverse.  The first episode was released on PivoTV reaching the second screen and OTT viewers worldwide. Previous seasons can be found on the streaming giant FilmONtv. Source: realityTVprograms.com

One thing about a typical beauty pageant, they’re all beautiful. ‘But this is NOT a ‘typical’ beauty pageant… This is an extreme competition testing talent, endurance, drive, intellect, and substance. Intelligent, ambitious, and beautiful women will compete to become THE MOST AMAZING WOMAN ON EARTH.

Miss Multiverse

Miss Multiverse Contestants, Liinda Grandia & Mariana Verkerk photo by Nancy Schoenmakers

The Miss Multiverse Competition

30 outstanding women from around the world whose lives revolve around glamor, perfection and reaching beauty queen status arrive at an exotic tropical island, they each dawn a white sash and move into The Hard Rock Punta Cana a luxurious 5-star resort. Each week, they compete in extreme challenges where they conquer each-other to gain points that will determine if they are ¨above or below¨ the scoreline and the losers ¨are eliminated one-by-one¨.


TV Reality Show I Am Multiverse

Multiple cameras follow the challenges faced by the contestants of Miss Multiverse as the roller coaster of obstacles unfolds among a group of models from different nationalities. The contestants are put to the test with a mix of planned chaos, psychological mind games, interviews, hidden agendas and challenges designed to generate spontaneous TV reality, drama, confusion, emotions and to bring in-and-out of focus the contestant’s genuine personalities as the stories unfold.

In the course of each episode, viewers get an insider’s look in the competitive world of high-stakes beauty pageants. The intense preparation, adventures, success stories, personal growth, friendships and the journey towards the most sought-after prize ¨The Crown¨.

Lead Characters: Linda Grandia & Mariana Verkerk

Liinda Grandia

A charismatic woman, playful and humorous, that comes sweet at first instance but don’t be fooled, behind this former beauty queen there is a driven, businesswoman whom is a perfectionist and not easily satisfied. She is the Executive producer and producer of the show.

Mariana Verkerk

Cat Walk Queen from Holland´s next top model, she is an extrovert larger than life personality but also her work is larger than live, not easily satisfied she becomes an army general when things don’t go her way, but in reality, she is a sweetheart trying to make everyone happy. She is the Show producer and co producer of the show.

Featured In This episode:

Miss America
Miss Australia
Miss Spain
Miss Canada
Miss Sweden
Miss Brazil
Miss Ukraine
Miss Ireland


Reality TV: I Am Multiverse
Model Competition: Miss Multiverse
Year: Crown 2017
Events: Beauty Pageant, Fashion Show, Bikini Show
Location: Bavaro Punta Cana. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Source: realitytvprograms.com

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