13 Reasons Why Cast Salaries And Net Worth Increase

13 Reasons Why Return Season 3 Brings New Characters and Big Changes For The Original Cast.
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At long last we’re getting ready to binge-watch 13 Reasons Why Season 3! It seems like the show just got started but you’d better enjoy it because the fourth season will be the last. Time sure flies when you’re being put through the emotional wringer! It’s safe to say these stars have earned their paychecks so we’re going to talk about the cast salaries and how Stranger Things ended up impacting this show’s salary negotiations. Katherine Langford may be gone but she’s not forgotten and we’ll reveal which famous singer very nearly took her spot. Dylan Minnette plays the role of Clay and makes more than his co-stars. We’ll also talk about the influence he had on the show’s soundtrack and set design. Christan Navarro plays his best friend on the show and had to learn a very important life skill in order to get the part of Tony. Keeping the cast of stars like Alisha Boe, Ross Butler, Devin Druid, Anne Winters, and Justin Prentice happy wasn’t easy but they had some help from producer Selena Gomez along with some four-legged friends! We’ll also talk about Grace Saif who plays a new character, Ani Achola.

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