Zendaya Is Iconic

Is There Anything Queen Zendaya Can’t Do? Here’s Proof This Hollywood Star Can Do It All!
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So maybe you’ve heard of a triple threat in the entertainment business. You know, someone who can sing, dance, AND act. Well we may need to come up with a new word for this former Disney star turned cultural phenomenon. We’re talking about our girl Zendaya Coleman, better known as just “Zendaya”. So that triple threat we mentioned? Yeah she’s got all that covered. But what’s the word for someone who is a singer, dancer, actor, producer, model, philanthropist, fashionista, and overall funny girl? Octuple threat? That just sounds weird, we’re just going to call her a superstar. This girl can do it all, but she also knows who she is, where she comes from, and how to give back. Not only does Zendaya truly cherish her family and friends, she cherishes her fans, and is always giving them great advice. She preaches self love, the importance of diversity, and she fights for what is right. Seriously, how can you NOT love this girl? In case you didn’t know it, she’s also one of the only Disney stars who has had a successful and drama-free transition from the Disney channel lifestyle into being a movie and TV star in her own right. You may have seen her in the incredibly popular and controversial series Euphoria proving to us that she’s got what it takes to be a superstar. Check out this list of every reason we think that Zendaya can literally do anything and everything, and try to tell us she’s not amazing.

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