Royal Family Kids Are Brats In Real Life

Princess Charlotte Sticks Out Tongue At Royal Charity Event, But Did She Learn That From Her Uncle Prince Harry? The British Royal Children Don’t Always Act So Behaved.

Everyone knows there are tons of royal family rules out there which determine everything from which jewelry to wear to what color you can paint your nails. While many of the adults have had tons of time to learn these rules their kids aren’t always so lucky. Prince William may be known for being level-headed now but when he was a kid he didn’t always know how to express his anger at Prince Charles. There’s also the time his grandmother Queen Elizabeth saved him when he decided to run off at the last moment. Prince Harry is newly a father to little Archie Harrison but it wasn’t so long ago that he was sticking his tongue out at photographers. Prince George may be in line for the throne but he also throws tantrums like nobody’s business, including at formal events. His younger sister, Princess Charlotte may love to smile for the camera but she’s been known to be a little bit bossy behind the scenes. Let’s just say there’s definitely a reason this family has instituted a children’s table when it comes to hosting formal dinners!

What do you think about the less than refined behavior of these royal children? Do you think they’re just kids being kids or should they be held to a higher standard when it comes to their public appearances? Let us know what you think in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more of the latest and greatest videos from us here at TheTalko.

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