The Sad Truth About Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Relationship

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner On How Diplo Ruined Their Secret Vegas Wedding , And Everything We Know About Their Second Wedding To Come!
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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were married in May 2019 by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. Yes, Ross and Rachel style. Everyone thought the two had ditched their fabulous Parisienne wedding for the Vegas surprise nuptials, but it turns out.. If you’re a Jonas, you just have two weddings! It’s a tradition now. While Joe Jonas is off Chasing Happiness in his Amazon Documentary with his brothers, Sophie Turner is starring in the X-Men movie Dark Phoenix where she plays the lead role of Jean Grey. And, even with all that hype going on, Joe and Sophie will be having wedding round two planned for July of 2019, and hopefully there’s nothing stopping them! We have all the details, and how they are going to spend four full days celebrating their big day with loved ones, and maybe even fans! But did you know that the two almost chickened out of their Vegas wedding and broke up completely? We’ve got all the details for you. Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe for more videos just like this from The Talko! Watch to the end to find out how Joe Jonas saved Sophie Turner’s life.

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