Disney’s Aladdin Star Naomi Scott Is Underrated In Hollywood

Disney Cast Naomi Scott As Jasmine In Aladdin 2019 Live Action.
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Let’s get real, the reboots have started to get out of hand. Sometimes it’s just too much. But it can be really exciting when your favorite movie or series that you grew up with gets a shot at a big-budget Hollywood remake. The 2019 Live Action Aladdin movie is set to break records much like the Beauty and the Beast reboot, but the cast isn’t full of familiar faces like some other Disney reboots. One particular star has caught our eyes and we want to know all about her. Naomi Scott, who is set to play Princess Jasmine in the film, is on everyone’s mind as we all ask the same questions- who is this girl and where did she come from? There’s a lot of interest surrounding the actress, but because we had never seen her on the big screen before Aladdin, people were quick to judge her casting. We’re taking a look at who Naomi Scott is and why she’s seriously underrated in Hollywood. Be sure to watch until the end, another reboot she’s starring in might get you excited to go to the movies in 2019.

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