Lizzo’s REALEST Moments!

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By now if you haven’t heard Lizzo’s music, first of all, what are you doing, but second of all, you’ve at least heard OF her because she is taking the entire world by storm.

To say she is having a moment, would be an understatement.

Her song “Truth Hurts” went number one on the Billboard charts, she is slayed all of her award show performances, and might even have a collab with Rihanna in the works.

But the best part about Lizzo isn’t just her epic anthems, it’s how real she is.

Find me someone who is more authentic with themselves and their fans than Lizzo, I’ll wait…That’s what I thought.

So let’s all gather round and bow down to our queen by rounding up 8 of Lizzo’s REALEST moments right here on Listed.

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