20 Actors Who Had To Hide Their Pregnancy While Filming

Actresses Who Were Pregnant While Filming And Hid Their Baby Bump From The Cameras.
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Being an actor is a lot of hard work. There are long hours, and so many lines to remember. So, it’s a miracle anyone can pull it off without a hitch. But doing it while being pregnant? Now that’s tough, especially when you’re in the middle of shooting a TV show or a movie. While most actors remain committed to their characters, they don’t enjoy Hollywood telling them when or when they can’t have kids. But to be fair, a lot of performers go above and beyond and try planning their pregnancies so their due dates match with their show’s hiatus.

Unfortunately, there’s one thing that’s a big issue and that’s literally a growing baby bump. So, when a performer is expecting, they’ll rely on help from the camera crew, makeup artists, and costume designers to make themselves look…well, not so pregnant! This also involves finding clever ways to hide their growing stomach behind a bunch of props to keep the audience out of the loop. But other times, studio executives will try something radical like writing the pregnancy into the storyline. And if necessary, the character may get written out for a couple of episodes while the actress goes on maternity leave.

But even when the clock is ticking, some actresses will keep shooting until the end of the season or until their water breaks. While others get to chillax and experience the joys of impending motherhood along with their television alter-egos. And once it’s all set and done, the actress can go into the maternity ward feeling satisfied with having accomplished the impossible without breaking a sweat.


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