Child Actors Who Survived The Disney Curse

Miley Cyrus, Dove Cameron and Zendaya Are Just A Few Stars Who Might Have Broken The Disney Curse.

Disney child stars seem so bright and innocent that kids tend to model after them. But there are a lot of messed up rules they have to follow. These young celebs faced a lot of keep up with their wholesome and positive image. They’re coached, molded, and forced to be on their best behavior at all times. But that’s not always easy to do. And when they break the rules and misbehave like any other teen, they embarrass themselves and Disney Execs, too. But that’s showbiz for you. It’s no secret that Hollywood is emotionally intense.

Even grown-up celebs have a tough time keeping their chins up. But kids have it even rougher. So many former Disney child stars have fallen prey to the notorious Disney Curse. But instead of an enchanted spinning wheel or a poisoned apple, these stars ran into trouble with the network, had mental breakdowns, or suffered personal and financial loses. So now the Disney legacy is tarnished with child stars who are associated with scandals and antics that make people’s eyes roll.

But while some of this Hollywood Gods have grown up and fallen from grace, others have gotten hit by the Disney curse over and over and still managed to come back swinging. Some didn’t even need to do much fighting at all. They stayed strong and avoided going off the deep end like other child actors. So just wait until you see which former Disney stars managed to avoid self-destruction on the way to the top.


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