20 Actors Transformed Into Older Characters

Hollywood Stars Who Transform Into Much Older Characters For A Role.
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No one wants to think of themselves as too old to do anything. Especially since everyone knows you have to be young and attractive to make it in Hollywood. But once you’re in showbiz, it’s okay to show a few cracks here and there. Of course, most actors would rather drive to the nearest plastic surgeon to get some Botox before that happens. And lathering their faces in moisturizer isn’t out of the question either. But there are some instances when a role requires an actor to look really old before their time.

Execs could do the sensible thing and hire seasoned actors like Sean Connery or Helen Mirren to play the part. But for some odd reason, casting directors prefer to age actors who are younger. And it’s pretty easy to do, too. With the help of makeup and prosthetics, a performer can go from shockingly youthful to frighteningly old in a matter of hours.

In fact, they could literally walk out of the studio with their new makeovers, and no one on the streets would hound them for an autograph. Now most celebs would gawk at the thought of being stripped of their Hollywood beauty. But these actors had bills to pay just like everybody else. So instead of taking on traditional roles, they opted for a more radical approach by playing older characters. And best of all, their careers didn’t suffer when they sacrificed their looks because they absolutely rocked it.


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